Joining a Wine of the Month Club gives you a chance to try new wines you haven’t tried before. Maybe you will find a new favorite style or grape. This is how we do it:

Cork+Cracker tastes over 150 wines per month. During a month of tasting a few wines always stand out. It may be the exceptional quality, an interesting story, or a great value that grabs our attention. These are the wines we consider for our club each month.

Each month four wines will be chosen that represent excellent quality, exceptional value and, hopefully, a great story. Club members have three choices:

Cork+Cracker Red Wine Selection is offered for those who prefer red wine. This option provides two interesting reds (maybe a rosé in the summer).

Cork+Cracker White Wine Selection is offered for those who prefer white wine.  This option provides two interesting whites or sparkling wines each month.

Cork+Cracker Mixed Wine Selection is offered for those who love both red and white wines. We will choose one of each of our red and white selections for a mixed selection or you can make the choice.

Additional Benefits
Members will receive a Cork+Cracker wine bag, a Cork+Cracker corkscrew, and free admission to our Grand Tastings (4 per year) PLUS 10% off all food and accessories all the time. But wait, that’s not all…

On or about the 1st of the month you will receive an email letting you know that this month’s selections are ready for you. The email will also have detailed information about the wine’s history, tasting notes, pairings, critical reviews and of course Cork+Cracker’s thoughts on the wines. Stop by anytime during the month and we will have your wine ready.

Your monthly cost will be about $35
Your only cost is the wine. Your monthly cost will be about $35, plus tax. Two reds may run a little higher, two whites a little lower.

No obligations – Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If you are not completely satisfied or just want to take a break you may cancel you membership at any time. Just call, email or stop by to let us know.

It’s easy to join!
Email, call or come by the store. All we need is your name, phone number, email address and credit card number.

Hours of Operation

Noon – 4pm

Mon – Thursday

11am – 7:30pm

Friday & Saturday

10am – 7:30pm

What's Happening Now

What’s Happening Now

Weekly Trio – 3 Wines for $33

The Party Pack is back! – 12 wines for $99.99 – Check our events page for details.